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Many companies report that staff members spend more than 10 hours a week resolving data accuracy issues, and almost 66% of IT managers have an incomplete record of their assets. Clearly, tracking physical assets is still a challenge for many of today’s businesses.

Internal resources like computers, equipment, tools, and office supplies can easily be misplaced or even stolen without the right management system in place. Even your designated inventory manager may have a hard time quickly locating physical assets or figuring out how old a piece of office equipment might be.

Fortunately, corporate asset management software simplifies all these tasks and saves valuable work time. Staff members never need to spend time hunting down equipment or inventing a unique tracking system. Instead, businesses can keep all data in our intuitive Flex software.

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How Can Flex Make Asset Tracking Faster and Easier?

Our asset management software for small businesses and corporate offices is designed for real offices like yours. Rather than using spreadsheets and clipboards to track valuable assets, your entire staff can:

Quickly set up a new inventory tracking system using a standardized process.

Easily, automatically track all equipment anywhere in the office—or even off-site.

Facilitate asset and equipment distribution for projects of any size.

Prevent shortages, as well as lost or misplaced inventory.

Allow staff in other departments to track assets using their mobile phones.

Scan inventory using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

Train new employees on the system with ease.

Significantly reduce data entry errors.

Protect your investment by keeping a log of maintenance and repair requirements for your assets, allowing them to last longer and protecting them against theft and other types of loss.

Why Use Flex?

The Flex team has decades of combined experience in inventory management. We’ve seen every type of problem you deal with and know how to solve them.

We’ve designed our corporate asset management software to improve your employees’ productivity, warn you of inventory shortages, produce quick inventory reports, and stop inventory loss. We’re happy to help if you ever have any questions—just book a demo to get started.

If you need an elegant, yet nimble and easy-to-use inventory and asset management software for your business, contact Flex to request a demo today. We’ll show you how we can protect your assets, speed up your workflow efficiency, and save you time and money. Contact us now.

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