Flex Gear and Warehouse Inventory Tracking Software

Simple and intuitive solution for businesses who need full control of their assets and materials. Flex Gear Tracking Solution comes with powerful features like inventory scanning, location tracking, availability viewing, and maintenance monitoring - minus all the financial and sales functionality you don't need.


Built For The Way You Do Business


Access your system from anywhere and on any device. Our quick and hassle-free setup process means you'll start tracking your gear immediately.

Free Support

No more getting stuck. Your subscription to Flex GTS comes with reliable, timely, and friendly technical support.

Automatic Data Backup

Never worry about losing your valuable data. Our servers perform daily automatic backups so you can rest easy.

Unlimited Users

Never pay for additional users. Your entire team can start using Flex's powerful asset tracking features at no cost to you.

Gear Tracking Essentials

Flex Gear Tracking Solution is the perfect inventory and asset tracking system for small to big enterprises that need simple, yet powerful, tools for managing their assets and materials. It's the ideal solution for businesses that do not require any rental, financial, and sales functionality. Flex GTS helps you answer the question: "Where are my items, how much do I have, and where are they going?"


All The Tools You Need

Simple Asset Control

With our simple inventory manager you can view important information like availability, container location, item location, quantity on hand, barcodes, and serial number.

Warehouse Management

Improve warehouse operations with built-in support for virtual items, racks, kits, and road cases. With barcode scanning support you can prep and return gear, as well as free scan in and scan out.

Maintenance Tracking

Log and record repairs, updates, and cleaning. Create maintenance procedures so you never miss critical inventory maintenance. Get a full view of an item's maintenance history.

Contact Management

Manage your customer, vendor, labor, and venue relationships all in one location. Schedule your follow up calls and employ default discounts and payment terms.


Simplify warehouse operations by easily creating pullsheets for all the equipment that needs to be pulled for a job or location.

Task Management

Never miss an important deadline on your to-do list. Flex GTS keeps you productive and accountable with simple task management features.


Better Inventory Tracking For Every Industry

Not all inventory is created equal. Fortunately for you, Flex Gear Tracking Solution can help you track everything from furniture, hardware, technology, to tools and equipment and everything in between. Flex GTS was created with businesses like you in mind.







Not Sure If Flex Gear Tracking Solution Is For You?

Flex Gear Tracking Solution is a special edition of our flagship inventory management product. It was created exclusively for companies that only need to track their physical assets and materials - not their sales, finances, or crew. Use the features table on the right to see which product is right for you.


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