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The Future Of  Medical Equipment Tracking

Many hospitals lack a reliable system for organizing equipment and ensuring it’s available when and where it’s needed. Unsurprisingly, an increasing number of hospitals are looking to hospital asset management software to enhance workflows, increase productivity, boost safety, and more. With all it has to offer medical institutions, hospital asset management software use is predicted to grow by 30% from 2020 to 2025.

This Is Your Hospital on Asset Management Software

Asset management software helps hospitals increase efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure higher quality care for patients. With a single, automated hospital asset management system for personnel to track and manage hospital beds, wheelchairs, machinery, and equipment, healthcare institutions are able to meet the rising demands to optimize budgets and maintain quality care.

The updated Flex Gear Tracking Solution medical asset management software organizes and tracks all your medical assets while creating simple new workflows for hospital staff.

The system automatically keeps track of items that need cleaning and maintenance. Drawing on past usage trends, Flex ensures that needed equipment is always available in the correct section of the hospital, alerts staff when more devices need to be cleaned or ordered and makes it easy to request more devices when they are needed.

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Do You Need Hospital Asset Management Software?

Hospitals rely on a large quantity of costly medical equipment to operate, requiring intuitive medical asset management software that minimizes errors. With cutting-edge tracking technology and an intuitive interface, Flex allows hospital staff to keep track of equipment such as:

  • Smart IV pumps
  • Hospital beds
  • Drains
  • Portable testing machines
  • Patient transport equipment
  • Many other items

This allows for more time doing what you need to do to help your patients.

Flex inventory and asset management software can be deployed across your entire medical facility to adequately track the location of your most valuable equipment:

Save Money:
Protect high-value items and specialized equipment by preventing shortages, inventory loss, and misplaced items.

Create automated routines:
Flex GTS uses RFID tags, barcodes, and other technologies, allowing hospitals to automatically keep track of all equipment and eliminate the need for multiple, confusing systems.

Improve security:Flex allows for security permissions strictly to the right personnel, protecting expensive healthcare equipment and preventing unnecessary losses.

Manage inventory:
Dispatch and distribute movable equipment and long-term installs with ease. Access a complete activity log for all your inventory and tag items out of commission when they're ready for maintenance and repair.

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