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SMART Boards, tablets, laptops, and other types of educational technology have completely transformed the way teachers instruct students. In fact, the increasing demand for online learning has made it even more important to keep a better track of valuable school assets and technology. About 63% of today’s teachers use technology in the classroom every day, with laptops, educational apps, and social media being the most common tools.

But as computers and tablets are being loaned to students and teachers, many schools haven’t created effective asset management processes to keep up with the demand. This results in numerous misplaced or lost assets, causing the school to lose precious time, money, and resources.

Fortunately, school inventory management software can solve the problems that come as administrators and educators seek ways to track and organize educational technology. Research shows that asset management software can help all types of institutions save money. Schools that implement this type of software will also see improvements in education quality and reduced disruptions in the school day.

Common Challenges of Traditional Organizational Methods

Unfortunately, most inventory management in schools is performed on a spreadsheet or even manually recorded on paper. These methods are wholly inadequate at keeping track of large quantities of education technology. Traditional K–12 asset management methods leave room for data entry errors, inaccurate counts of equipment, lost items listed as inventory, and an inability to track assets in real-time.

Saving Money Through K–12 Asset Management Software

There are numerous ways school inventory management software can save schools money, including:

Increasing Productivity:
Administrators no longer have to search for broken or moved items, allowing them to spend more time focused on quality teaching and reducing wasted work hours.

Justifying Funding: School inventory management systems record the purchase cost of each item, its age, the vendor, the current level of depreciation, the associated funding source, and much more. Staff members can quickly access this data to send to stakeholders or compliance officers.

Reducing Unnecessary Spending: Reduce unnecessary spending on duplicate items by accessing an always up-to-date system of record listing current location, availability, and more. This system also reduces losses and deters theft.

Eliminating Costly Errors: The right management system automates workflows by eliminating data entry errors or miscalculations that could cost schools thousands or even millions in funding.

Wise reductions in cost are important for any educational institution. Gaining better control over physical assets allows schools to improve their financial balance sheets.

Why Use Flex GTS for School Asset Management

What sets Flex apart? Our school asset and inventory management software offers powerful features for tracking and maintaining large volume of movable, fixed, and consumable inventory across your entire district

  • Cloud-Based: Authorized staff members can find and reserve assets from a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Automated Data Backup: Detailed and valuable asset data is backed up off-site every day.
  • Unlimited Users: Schools can add as many staff members as needed, at no additional charge.
  • Free Support: Our software comes with quick answers to technical needs—no more long waits.

Flex informs staff where each asset is, stating if it’s available, in use, under maintenance, and more. This allows them to easily reserve what they need and gives them the assurance that it will be ready when they need it.


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