Flex wins Best of InfoComm 2018 Award for Flex5 Tablet

rAVe InfoComm award for rental inventory software

In July, Flex Rental Solutions received a Best of InfoComm 2018 award for Flex5 Tablet under the category of "Best Service/Product You Probably Didn’t See". The award was granted by rAVe Publications for the rental inventory software, a news organization that provides coverage of the commercial and residential audiovisual trade industries.

“Having worked in a warehouse for 20 years, we set out to build a high-performance inventory and rental management product that was easy to use but still had powerful functionality,” said Chris Stein, CEO of Flex Rental Solutions, “the award for the tablet is the tip of the iceberg for what’s coming in the pipeline for Flex5, we’re excited that our peers in the industry saw the beauty in our vision, it really does validate all our hard work building an elegant and powerful product.”

Flex5 Rental Inventory Software Updates

Flex5 rental inventory software features a complete rewrite of Flex’s user interface and backend architecture and will strengthen overall performance capabilities for the system. It’s more than just a pretty interface — the new rental inventory software UI will offer a streamlined user experience, while the new multi-tenant backend architecture will enhance scalability, speed, and reliability for users. Flex5 Tablet, currently in beta, is being tested by a core group of Flex users and features a slick new interface.

The tablet inventory scanning app was showcased at InfoComm and received great reviews and feedback. The initial release will have core contact & inventory management, three different types of dashboard widgets, inquiry scan, free scan in & out, prep & return. Flex Rental Solutions has already begun work on Flex5 Mobile and Flex5 Desktop.

“The last couple of years we have been hard at work laying down an all new scalable backend and building the new Flex5 tablet app on top of that,” said Roger Diller, Technical Lead, “our efforts are really starting to snowball now in the form of API reuse in the Flex5 Phone App. We also get to reuse existing APIs in the desktop browser Flex5 app, we have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline!”