Check out CEO Chris Stein's webinar, RFID Is Finally Ready for its Close-Up, and discover how RFID will help your business become more efficient!

We know you’ve heard this before, “RFID will save you time and money!” Then what happens? It doesn’t. RFID just ends up being another empty promise that fails to deliver any ROI. It’s enough to make any organization skeptical. Because without major considerations and modifications, RFID best practices in other industries do not translate easily into the Live Event Industry workflow, RFID is the boy who cried wolf.

  • But what if we could show you how to use Flex to implement RFID and build on warehouse best practice workflows without any change?
  • What if we could show you how to balance speed, accuracy, and accountability? (Because, let’s face it, speed at the cost of accuracy is not a solution.)
  • What if we could show you that RFID with Flex was really, truly, absolutely ready?

With improvements in the hardware and the overall environment, Flex CEO, Chris Stein, is more optimistic and more passionate than ever about how RFID can deliver value within our industry using existing best practices and workflows. Oh yeah, you’ll ultimately save time and money, too.



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Frequently-Asked Questions

The RFID Capture/Review PopUp for Warehouse workflows such as Prep Pull Sheet, Manifest Return, Free Scan In, Free Scan Out are only available in the Flex5 Mobile App. The Flex5 Mobile app is available to download in the Apple Store for Phones and Tablets. It is also available to download from the Google Play store for Phones and Tablets, and now on M Series Laptops and Desktops. 

Users can update tag info in a web browser and mobile apps.

RFID Proof of Concept Package

Available Now.

Everything you need to get started with our RFID asset tracking software in one simple, complete package.

We know finding the right RFID asset tracking hardware and tags can be overwhelming, so we made it easy for you. Flex Rental Solutions created an RFID Proof of Concept kit that includes one handheld scanner and 7 RFID tag types so you can easily start implementing RFID asset tracking for different inventory types. We’ve done the work of sourcing, studying, and rigorously testing the best tags and hardware so you don’t have to. The entire kit is available as a one time-purchase, but the handheld scanner can be rented.

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