2014 in Review: A Growth Year for Flex

Significant Software Developments

Our Engineering team has worked exceptionally hard and completed a significant number of new features, enhancements, and improvements to Flex this year.  Four Major and 9 Minor/Maintenance Updates were released and over 100 customer reports were created. Here’s a listing of some of the major achievements from this year:

  • Flex Mobile development and release
  • Scan Selected / All Items In (With applicable permission)
  • Scan Selected / All Items Out (With applicable permission)
  • Ability to copy and paste lines inside a financial document
  • Ability to copy and paste lines from one financial document to another.
  • Inventory ROI / Utilization Page
  • Warehouse Bin Location Settings per Inventory Item Per Location
  • Added Pending Returns to Conflict Page
  • To Do List Page / Assignable Tasks
  • Inventory, Contact and Project Element search speed enhancements
  • Print Calendar to PDF
  • Required Suggestions
  • Ability to Hide specified Inventory Groups for Specified User Groups
  • Ability to Grant or Allow View or Edit Capabilities to uses other than the Account Manager
  • Ability to print Quotes displaying Inventory Images
  • Add deposit % filed and deposit Due Date for Quotes
  • Certificate of Insurance are for Contacts
  • Insufficient Insurance Notifier in Projects
  • Expiring Insurance Coverage Warning Report
  • Ability to create Service Subfolders
  • Ability to Create Contact Subfolders
  • Ability to Drag and Drop Organize Service Folders and Services
  • Child contacts inherit Parent Company Trading Term Defaults
  • New Sales Tax Report for Paid in Full Invoices
  • Payments upflow now to parent element
  • Added send to client functionality to project element page cog wheel
  • Added ability to add images to maintenance log entry
  • Ability to email specific reports to specific users through workflow actions
  • Default corporate identity per user
  • Ability to hide elements if corporate identity is not users default corporate identity
  • Ability to hide warehouse location from users
  • Added image pop up of inventory items when browsing the inventory browser
  • Added Deposit Invoice Report
  • Invoice Exporting will now trigger child payment export automatically
  • Added Chain Child Actions in Workflows
  • Unfilled Labor Report added
  • Updated QuickBooks Online API
  • Custom Check List Functionality

Many support resources for our customers have been developed and improved during 2014

The Flex team grew to better support our customers

Flex welcomed 5 new employees in 2014 to help better support our customers: Maria (Quality Control and Flex Controller), Erin (User Experience Designer), Branden (Head of End User Learning), Becca (Operations), and Rocky (Customer Technical Support).

Please welcome our newest employee, Rocky Ortega! Rocky joined Flex Rental Solutions in November. Rocky, fluent in English and Spanish, studied Information Technology in college, and has worked in the IT support field for several years for an Internet Service Provider and small businesses providing software and hardware support. He also started learning live and studio sound in high school, and went on to work in a studio mixing for live venues for six years in Portland, Oregon. Rocky provides phone and email technical support for Flex customers, and also will be the lead support provider for Flex Mobile.

We appreciate our customers, and wish all Flex users happy holidays and a happy New Year!

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