Announcing the Flex General Availability Release

It’s Time…

The Flex General Availability Release!

The transition from Flex4 to Flex5 has taken the next evolutionary step, and we are happy to announce the Flex5 General Availability Release. The day-to-day functionality and stability of Flex5 is at a position in our development cycle where most users can work exclusively in Flex5 and feel confident in the product. The Flex4 desktop app will continue to be available primarily for system administrators and developers will now focus on power-user features and migrating system settings into Flex5. Our priority is to continue to add and improve functionality, speed, and reliability, and look forward to continual enhancement of the platform with the features customers need.

What Does This Mean?

For now, expect your user experience to remain the same. We’ll be doing some housekeeping- for instance, you may have noticed the absence of the “Beta” language from various places within Flex. This change is to signify the passing of a major developmental milestone and does not directly correspond to a particular change.
The future still brings changes, improvements, and enhancements to Flex, and we will be sure to let you know when they are slated to happen, as always.

What Can I Expect?

With this passing milestone, come changes planned with a greater scope and impact than before. For example, when we implement custom fields in Flex5, not only can you expect improvements to this feature, but consequentially, this feature will go from being only in Flex4, to only in Flex5.

Expect to be encouraged to perform more daily tasks within Flex5 as Flex4 becomes more of a repository for high-level functions and settings changes. Look forward to the inventory counts feature in the very near future, in addition to more quality-of-life fixes, and new features.

Bye bye, beta!