Prepare Your AV Business for 2021 with Rental Software Solutions

A new year is moving full-speed ahead, and you’re ready to take your AV business to the next level. As you invest in marketing campaigns and high-quality equipment, don’t forget to include equipment rental software in your plans to grow your business.

Rental software solutions allow you to streamline processes, reduce errors, and increase efficiency like never before.

What Is Equipment Rental Software?

Equipment rental software is a solution that helps you track your inventory, schedule rentals, and view the location of your equipment in real-time. Using a combination of barcode scanning, desktop computer software, and mobile apps, you’ll be able to keep your gear in the best shape and improve your business across the board.

How Do I Manage My Rental Equipment?

Do you often find yourself wasting time hunting down equipment? Or making calls and sending emails trying to figure out who has certain inventory? Do you spend hours trying to organize your warehouse? If so, it’s time to resolve your troubles with equipment rental software. By giving you a detailed report on everything going on with your rental equipment, such as availability, location, and quantity, you’ll feel more on top of your business, enable your employees to perform their roles better, and increase customer satisfaction.

What Is the Best Software for Rental Property Management?

Flex Rental Solutions offers some of the best software for rental property management. Our software is designed for a range of organizations renting out equipment, from schools and churches to party rental companies and more. Our rental software is cloud-based, meaning you can access it anywhere, on any device.


We provide complimentary tech support and all of the essentials to manage your inventory flawlessly. Data backs up automatically, so you’ll never worry about losing information due to technical difficulties. You can even set up unlimited users, meaning you’ll never pay extra when you set up a new profile.

Flex Rental Solutions software also includes:

  • Pull sheets
  • Task management 
  • Contact management
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Sales quotes and invoices
  • Inventory management
  • And more

How Do I Start an Equipment Rental Business?

If you’re interested in starting an equipment rental business, it’s important to start out on the right foot by investing in rental software solutions. You’ll reduce the risk of losing your costly inventory and build your reputation as a reliable, efficient company. The money you spend up front will be well worth it, considering the time and money saved in the long run.

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