Flex Maintenance Release

Flex released Version on Thursday, March 19. This release contained critical bug fixes for the 4.10.4 release, and some new features and enhancements.


  • Scheduled Inventory Counts now have two new settings: Expect Decommissioned and Expect Out Of Commission. These settings control whether decommissioned or OOC quantities are expected for counting. Default for both is “no”. If not “expected”, then they will not show up for reconciliation & are considered “reconciled”. Otherwise if “yes”, the system expects they will be counted and will need to be reconciled if not counted. The Reconcile screen & the Inventory Count Shrink Report have been updated with new columns to show the Decommission & OOC quantities.
  • The Inventory Export report now shows the Warehouse Bin location for each item, but only when a location is selected when running the report.
  • The Inventory Export report now shows a link to the model image of the inventory model.
  • The Inventory Count Close Process is now included in the Integration Bus.

View the entire Release Notes here: https://dev.flexrentalsolutions.com/wiki/display/SUPPORT/

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