Announcing Flex Release 4.11

We are excited to announce the release of Flex 4.11. Flex 4.11 contains several new features, including the much anticipated Job Costing. An overview of the new job costing functionality can be seen here:

New Features in Flex 4.11 include the following:

  • Schema updaters are now set to only run once across all versions.
  • Added a “Department” filter in the calendar settings. The “Department” filter appears right below the “Locations” filter in the right-hand menu and can be used to filter your calendar based on department.
  • Added the ability to click on the “On Order” number in the Qty tab of an inventory model. Clicking on the “On Order” number will show the purchase orders that the item appears on.
  • Added several new options in the Contact Associations tab of the project element settings: Secondary Client, Secondary Bill To, Secondary Venue, Custom Contact One, Custom Contact Two, and Custom Contact Three. All of these can be configured to be enabled or disabled, and to show on an element’s header block.
  • When creating an Automated Function with a definition level report, you can now choose the “Definition” for the report. The definition will be an element (quote, invoice, etc).
  • Speed enhancement when finalizing prep/return of equipment lists. (Some customers with large databases and large equipment lists would sometimes experience long waiting times when finalizing).
  • Speed enhancement when retrieving elements on the Receiving screen (on the Warehouse menu).
  • Added the ability to drag and drop a Service Note directly into the “Notes” field of an element.
  • When receiving inventory from the Receive screen, clicking the Print Barcode button will no longer automatically print a barcode, but will pop up the “Barcode Templates” window, allowing you to choose which template to print.
  • Added a new permission:┬áCan Remove Contact Emails From Email Workflow. This permission will grant or deny a user the ability to delete an email address from the emails that pop up when changing workflow in an element. (Previously, this ability was only allowed to those with System Administrator granted)
  • One time schema updater that will change the “Name Override Enabled” field for Manifests to Yes. This is required to support the recently added multi-truck feature.
  • Added a “Job Costing” tab to financial elements.
  • Added the ability to assign each line of an Expense Sheet to a resource type. (To enable or disable resource types that can be used on Expense Sheets, go to the Projects menu > Project Elements > Expense Sheet > Expense Worksheet Options tab.)
  • Added a new report called Quote Replacement Value that can be printed from quotes. This report will show each line item (even if they are line muted) and the replacement value assigned to that inventory model.
  • Added a new feature that highlights the Notes tab of an element when there are unread notes. To enable this, go to the Projects menu, then click Project Settings (New Element Note Check Enabled should be set to YES). When enabled, if a user has not read a note on an element, the Notes tab will be highlighted. The user can mark the unread notes as “read” and the notes tab will no longer be highlighted for that user.
  • Added the ability to add expendables to a pull sheet and have them added as the expendable resource type. (Previously, adding expendables to a pull sheet would add them as the default resource type for the pull sheet).
  • Added a cogwheel to the equipment list tab of the receiving screen.
  • Added the ability to add multiple recurring billing schedules to a quote.

Bug Fixes within Flex 4.11 include the following:

  • Bug fix for an issue that caused the total block to not automatically update labor pricing when selecting certain pricing models.
  • Bug fix for an issue that caused an error when adding an email address with spaces to a contact.
  • Bug fix for an issue that caused the scroll bar to not scroll when tabbing between fields on the New Contact screen.
  • Bug fix for an issue that caused the “Recalculate Price” pop-up to not appear when bulk editing serialized model contents.
  • Bug fix for an issue that caused the “Can Edit Financial Documents” permission warning to appear for users that would click the + or – buttons on line items in a quote.
  • Bug fix for an issue that caused the confirmation boxes to show the wrong information after enabling or disabling all pricing models on the Catalogue Worksheet.

The full Release Notes can be viewed here:

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