Cloud-based Inventory Management and Rental Software

Flex gives you the tools and reporting capabilities you need to adequately

plan and allocate resources for maximum efficiency


Powerful Inventory & Event Equipment Rental Software

With decades of combined inventory management experience, our team has developed a powerful inventory & event equipment rental software that addresses the unique challenges of inventory control professional tasked with managing complex logistics. Our intuitive cloud-based software is used in warehouses, churches, schools, and corporations to track and manage equipment, automate workflows, and allocate resources for maximum efficiency. We’ve built Flex with businesses like yours in mind. Our software is designed to help you increase productivity, reduce inventory loss, identify shortages, and improve visibility into the health of your business. Our trusted software is used by the top industry leaders, and we’re eager to show you how it can benefit your business, too.

Cloud-Based Asset Management Software


Our cloud-based inventory management software includes all the features required to create more organized, efficient processes. Easily create pull sheets, build quotes, create invoices, log and record repairs, and everything else related to managing your inventory and tracking your assets. Each feature is designed to improve your warehouse management, contact management, staffing, and more. Get Flex today.

Flex Gear Tracking Solution (GTS)

Flex GTS is a powerful asset management system specifically designed for operations and business leaders who need to track critical assets across the entire enterprise. Flex GTS comes with asset tracking tools you need to maintain tight control over your inventory and internal resources. Learn more about Flex GTS.

RFID Tracking

Our mobile apps come with RFID scanning capabilities, giving you real-time data accuracy and an efficient way to track your inventory and organize your warehouse. This tool is the best way to organize your warehouse, giving you real-time data accuracy and an efficient way to track your inventory. Your staff will be able to spend more time on important tasks and less time scanning. You’ll reduce costs and boost stock count all at once. Find out more about RFID tracking now.

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Choose Flex so you can get the most out of your equipment and streamline your recording and tracking. Request a demo today to find out how Flex can enhance your business. There’s no obligation with any of our subscription plans, and you can even customize your plan so it’s perfectly tailored to your organization. With free support anytime you need it, you’re sure to love how easy it is to get started with Flex.


See What Our Customers Are Saying

Flex Rental Solutions was born out of the Live Events and Production world, but has achieved a reputation as as a flexible and robust asset management solution trusted by leaders in TV & Broadcast, Colleges & Universities, House of Worship, Party & Event Rental, Corporate, as well as Museums and Entertainment Venues.

“Flex has become an indispensable management tool that lets us schedule, track, maintain, and do cost reporting for our gear.”

—  David Gibbs, Technical Supervisor and Equipment Manager, Half Yard Productions

It's a thing of beauty. As we're growing and adding complexity to our business, it's so awesome to have a platform like Flex that seems like it's a step ahead of us.

Jordan Kettner, Owner, Kettner Creative Inc.

“Our university uses it to easily track our inventory between various events. We love Flex Gear Tracking Solution because of how easy it is to learn and to use."

— Tamra DeSanti, Inventory Supervisor, Grand Canyon University


Enterprise-Level Features

Flex includes enterprise-level inventory and resource tracking capabilities for customers that have to manage multiple locations. Flex can handle the logistical challenges for tracking inventory from multiple warehouses, campuses, or onsite customer locations.

Multiple business locations/warehouses

Our enterprise-level features allows you to easily manage resources, inventory, projects, and assets across multiple business, warehouse, and storage locations. View availability, check stock count, and identify shortages for individual locations or as a whole.

Transfer order functionality

If your Flex subscription has multiple business locations (warehouses), then you can have individual inventory counts for each location. You can also create Transfer Orders to ship inventory from one location to another.

Location-Based Security Permissions

Our enterprise-level customers face unique challenges as they manage their businesses across multiple locations and warehouses. With Flex your team can access what they need to access with location-based security permissions.